End hunger, overcome poverty

Everyone deserves a life free from hunger and poverty.

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Our approach

Working with smallholder farmers enables them to:

Our approach

Working with smallholder farmers enables them to:

Ruim miljoen mensen wereldwijd gaan iedere dag met honger naar bed. Daar brengen wij verandering in.

Our mission

Together with farming communities we are ending hunger and poverty and stimulate a sustainable use of the environment.

Impact & SDG

The Heifer method has been proven successful. Since 1999, Heifer Netherlands has been able to directly impact the lives of 71.267 farming families. If you add the impact of the Heifer International network, since 1944 more than 32 million families have overcome hunger and poverty. 

Between now and 2030, the Heifer network will support an additional 10 million families. We will achieve this ambitious goal, that is directly linked to the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 of the UN, through a number of signature programs, each focused on scale, permanent impact and partnerships.

Last year's results

It was a challenging year. As of spring 2020. The global COVID-19 pandemic has hit poor communities hard en their struggle is real. Many farming families we work with must deal with a strong drop in income. However, this period also led to inspiring initiatives such as in Ecuador where Heifer farming families are supplying food baskets directly to consumers in the cities, providing them with access to new markets. In the end, it is up to the local farmers to keep healthy and nutritious food available.

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